Smart Contract Security Audit
Since 2017, SmartDec was one of the most active security teams in blockchain industry.
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Secured by SmartDec audits
The score of issues found by our team
Why we are good at Smart Contracts Security
Application Security Background
Our team specializes in Application Security. We have experience in both automated and manual analysis. We analyze code in various programming languages, including Solidity, Java, JavaScript, Python and others.
SmartCheck: Static Code Analyzer
We have built our own static code analyzer for Solidity. Our full analysis includes complete manual analysis and verification of all the issues reported by SmartCheck.
Extensive analysis
Our experience enables us to analyze Smart Contracts in conjunction with frontend and backend. In addition, we analyze the logic of the application for backdoors and discrepancies to the declared behavior.
Academic Expertise
We work in cooperation with a university group specialized in Smart Contracts. Our team members have academic degrees in Code Analysis.
Our clients and partners include
SmartDec has been solving complex IT problems since 2009. We are specialists in a wide range of areas: security audit, analysis tools, decompilation, deobfuscation and web development. Our leads have more than 15 years' experience in decompilation and security analysis and hold PhDs in these areas.
We are Hiring! You can build more secure future with us.
Ekaterina Troshina
SmartDec CEO
PhD, programmer and economist. Application security specialist, highly skilled at working with the largest static analysis tools and binary analysis. Lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics
Aleksandr Chernov
Chief Research Officer
PhD, programmer, chief architect of all IT products. Developer of SmartDec decompiler and SmartTrain distance training system. Lecturer at Lomonosov Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics
Sergey Pavlin
Chief Operating Officer
Designs and implements business strategies, manages relationships with partners. Lead analyst of SmartDec training and learning systems.
Yaroslav Alexandrov
Team Leader
Technical specialist in Application security. Team leader of the SmartDec application security department. Co-founder of smart contract analysis project. Graduate student at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Evgeniy Marchenko
Lead Developer
Technical specialist in Smart Contracts and Solidity language. Technical leader of web server system and static analysis system development.
Ivan Ivanitskiy
Chief Analytics Officer
Lead analyst of application security projects, expert on vulnerabilities in mobile and web applications, specialist in blockchain technology and smart contracts.
Ekaterina Voskresenskaya
PhD, financial systems analyst and expert on vulnerabilities in smart contracts written in Solidity.
Alexander Seleznev
Business Development Officer
Builds and maintains high-level contacts with current and prospective customers and other business and project partners.
Sergei Tikhomirov
Scientific Advisor
Ethereum security researcher at the University of Luxembourg. Software security specialist. Co-founder of smart contract analysis project.
Our scientific papers:
Sergei Tikhomirov [University of Luxembourg], Ekaterina Voskresenskaya, Ivan Ivanitskiy, Ramil Takhaviev, Evgeny Marchenko, Yaroslav Alexandrov. SmartCheck: Static Analysis of Ethereum Smart Contracts. ICSE WETSEB, Gothenburg 2018.
Egor Fominykh, Lenar Safin, Yaroslav Alexandrov. Analysing iOS apps: road from AppStore to security analysis report. REcon, Brussels 2017
Aleksandrov Y., Safin L., Troshina K., Chernov A. Static Binary Analysis of Mobile Applications for the Android Platform, According to the Requirements of Information Security. Moscow University Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics (ISSN 0278-6419). 2016, N 3. pp 141-146
A. Chernov and K. Troshina. Reverse engineering of binary programs for custom virtual machines. Recon conference. Montreal, Canada. 14-16 June 2012
A. Fokin, E. Derevenetc, A. Chernov and K. Troshina. SmartDec: Approaching C++ Decompilation. In Proceedings of 18th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering. Limerick, Ireland. 17-20 October 2011, pp. 347-356

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